As the providers of your cataract surgery, the main goal of our office is to provide you with the best visual outcome possible. To help achieve this goal, some pre-surgery testing options that are not covered by your OHIP plan are available for you to consider. One option is special testing with the IOLMaster, and the second is Wavefront Analysis to facilitate selecting the ideal intraocular lens for you.

IOLMaster Testing

The IOLMaster uses laser technology to measure the length of the eye. Measuring the length of the eye accurately is extremely important in cataract surgery, as it allows the eye surgeon to select the right power lens to implant for each patient. The ultrasound testing we perform at my office is very accurate and is covered by OHIP. The IOLMaster is the latest technology in this area, and is more accurate than any other method, including the OHIP covered ultrasound test. IOLMaster testing is an option available for patients who would like the best possible accuracy available for lens selection. In many cases the increase in accuracy reduces the need for glasses after surgery. IOLMaster testing costs $200 for both eyes. About 80% of my patients choose to make use of IOLMaster technology.  Testing is available only for patients of this office.

Wavefront Analysis

Wavefront analysis uses a special device to precisely measure the unique irregularities and variations in the cornea. This analysis has been compared to taking a fingerprint of the eye.

With your chin resting on the device, you will be asked to stare past what is called a target light. A sensor will measure the irregularities in the wavefront pattern of the light reflecting from your cornea.

Wavefront measuring devices create a precise map of the cornea. It is very detailed and records subtle distortions in your cornea. Using the information from this map, Dr Hillson can select the intraocular lens used in your surgery to correct for some of these measured distortions, giving you clearer vision than would be possible with conventional lenses. Wavefront analysis is not covered by OHIP, and costs $150 for both eyes.