We want to make your visit pleasant, informative and helpful to you. The following suggestions are made with your comfort and eye health in mind.

Make sure to allow enough time for your visit. A first visit usually takes about 90 minutes. Follow-up visits are shorter, but can take 45 minutes to complete.

Bring along:

  • Your health card and contact information (home phone, next of kin)
  • The details of your medical history along, including the names and dates of any surgeries or injuries you have undergone
  • Your most recent pair of glasses if you wear glasses
  • Your medications in a bag to each visit. If you are very sure of what you are taking, you may bring a list instead
  • A driver to your first visit and to each annual visit, as you will most likely have your pupils dilated
  • A friend or relative to go with you through the office if you think you are going to need help with your visit, either with getting in or out of a chair, with understanding your eye condition, or with the questions you want to ask.

Other ways to prepare:

Print out the directions to our office on the Contact Us part of the website.

If you are eligible for a Northern Travel Grant, print one out and bring it along for Dr Hillson to sign.

If your optometrist or family MD has given you a diagnosis, click on the Eye Conditions button on the menu of this website and learn about your reason for referral.

Select the visit package below that best describes the reason for your visit and print out, read, and complete the forms at home. Patients who take this step often are more accurate with the information provided and can save themselves a substantial amount of time in the office.

First Assessment for Cataract Surgery

First Assessment for Glaucoma Diagnosis/Treatment

First Assessment for AMD Diagnosis/Treatment

First Assessment for Diabetic Retinopathy

First Assessment for Narrow Angles

First Assessment for Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)

First Assessment for Post-Cataract Laser

First Assessment, Other Diagnoses


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